"DooDoctors" Floating QRS


Innovation through experience for performance. (Patent Pending)

The solution for the non removable or mis-aligned secondary clutch for the *XP Ski Doo snowmobile. 

(patent pending)

Improve performance and belt life. 

Easier access to Carburetion and time saving clutch adjustments.  

Our secondary clutch modification allows for quick removal in less than one minute leaving the shaft in the chain case. 

Call Brian (doodoctor) today  - 231-947-4599 to schedule shipping and modification times.  
Normal pricing is $449.00 plus shipping.  

Our shop has been the Ski Doo repair specialist in Northern Michigan for over 20 years. 


Choice One;

 If you decide you just want to have your clutch floated

There are two  benefits

~You save 2 lbs in weight

~the clutch will come back fully assembled;

Just slide the shaft back in and bolt the clutch on - 

You are ready !!

Pictures of Floating QRS 

Link to Video of Floating QRS;  




Choice Two;



Doodoctors new floating kit! 



Comes with everything you see here and is direct fit! 


You will reuse your Helix, spring, inner clutch half and adjuster 

( if you have an 08' or 09' ) 
You will need to update to the 2010 and newer adjuster kit for $29.00 
You will need to pull the bearing off your shaft to remove the inner clutch half.



We also have for sale 
(patent pending)

Converson kit  for '08 and '09 sleds

to the  '10s and '11s style Secondary belt adjustment.


No more messing with little allen screws

Bushings for the Helix and Secondary Floating Shive for the Floating QRS


Skidoo primary and xp secondary service tool set 

This handy gadget will  save you time when  you are anxious to get back out and ride.









We have a machine shop* 
to resurface and put factory ski-doo angles back on clutch halves - 
$115.00 per Clutch (facing both halves) or $230.00 Per set (primary and secondary)
Please drop off or send your clutch halves to
Clarkes Service
8320 Bingham Road 
Traverse City, Mi. 49684 
 phone 231 947-4599 

We also offer repair for the moving primary shieve



Before your chain case cracks 
call and order your  

Chain Case Saver" (patent pending)


We now offer a "Race Plug and Go"
(patent pending)

It simply tells the computer that the sled is running at 110 degree's. No more having to let your sled cool down before another pass!
It is a big pain to get the temperature sender out so we made it easy to install, just unplug the temp senser from the harness, plug in the "Race Plug and Go" and your ready to race!!
We recommend that you install a aftermarket gauge so you can see what the true temp of the engine is...



"Plug and GO" Temperature Resistor (patent pending)

The "Plug and Go" just tells the computer that it is running 20 degree's cooler. The sleds that have the bar gauges run most of the time here on the flat lands run at 135 degree's (4 bars).. 104 degree's is 3 bars, 140 degree's is 5 bars. So you can see there is 18 degree's between 3 bars and 5 bars, with running temps at 135 degree's. It only leaves you with 4 degree's before timing retard.. The "Plug and Go" is just to prolong the pain of the dreaded timing retard.

It is hands down the edge over the sled without it!!! Lake racing, trail riding, extra 2000 feet wide open,, or an extra 1 or 2 passes.

This is nothing new at all, many race shops use them. It is just a big pain to get the temp sender out so we made it simple to install. We ran these on many sleds before we were ASKED! to start selling them. We find that they are nice to use with a gauge so you can see what the true temp is.. remembering that you are 1 bar warmer. And those who do not have gauges the light will come on with enough safety to warn you before engine damage occurs.

Clarke's Service (Doodoctor)
is open 9 am to 6 pm Monday - Friday, EST
8320 Bingham Road
Traverse City, Mi 49684
Phone 231-947-4599


We accept Visa/MC/Discover and Paypal

*Machine Shop we trust for all of our machining - 
these guys know their Calipers and CNC's
WestSide Tool, LLC
please call them @231-313-7899
 with any  custom details or any machining needs you might have

More Pictures under the "Pictures" Tab
* Ski Doo is a registered trademark and used here for informational purposes. Floating QRS is not affiliated with BRP industries. We love Ski Doo and believe there is no other worthy of our time and money.
Clarkes Service (Doodoctor)
 is open  9 am to 6 pm Monday- Friday,  EST
8320 Bingham Road 
Traverse City, Mi. 49684 
 phone 231 947-4599     

We accept Visa/MC Discover and Paypal. 

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